Your life journey can be lonely and boring especially if you do not have someone   to inspire you and to walk along with you to the world of success. This is a real great man or woman called a Coach.


Calibre of a good coach

Your coachshould be a person with great expertise, experience and knowledge in your area of interest.  Your coach should have the capacity to train or develop or support you in achieving your specific mission in life. A coach should help you in all round development so as to succeed in life. Your coach will analyse and assess your performance and will advise on what you need to do in order to enhance your performance. A coach may also recommend the necessary skills you need to acquire.

all coaches have one thing in common

Roles of the coach

Your coach will play a number of roles during your life journey to the world of success  including the following among others;

  • Should be  a catalyst for positive mindset
  • Ability to analyze  and assess your performance and recommend action plan
  • Supports and inspires you to success
  • Possesses communication and listening  skills
  • As your friend your coach will be available to discuss challenges in life and will encourage you to keep moving.
  • Your  coach will  patiently listen to you
  • Your coach may also be your mentor.
  • A coach also plays a facilitating role if need be.
  • Your coach will work with you to develop your own solutions
  • Acts as  your advisor
  • A good coach will also help you in resolving  emotional issues
  • Your  coach  should be  a good   organizer and planner
  • Your coach should be quite knowledge and should be your source of knowledge where need arises.
  • Your coach should also be your role model for you to emulate.

Qualities of an effective coach

  • Must be a team player,
  • Must have organizational awareness,
  • Ability to manage and influence others,
  • Should be quite  creative
  • Should possess high degree of adaptability,
  • Should have  cross-functional expertise,
  • Should possess networking ability.


In order to succeed in life you need a coach who will act as your role model and mentor and will inspire you to success.

Author: John Muhaise-Bikalemesa,
Director Big Drum Advisory Services,

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