In life you need to learn how to deal with all categories of people as you move on your highway to success.

Along the way you will meet different people, but from each one of them you will learn a lesson.

Everybody is important in your life make sure you make a responsible connection with them.

You should learn to get in contact with at least any of the following.

  • You need a policeman
  • You need a thief
  • You need a soldier
  • You need a teacher
  • You need a lawyer
  • You need an accountant/ auditor
  • You need a doctor
  • You need a pastor/priest/sheik

But above all these you need the Master of the Universe.


It is all about your mindset being in touch with everyone doesn’t mean they should influence your character and inner self, you are too good to be corrupted.


Kasemiire Agnes Akiiki

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