You were created with a mind which you have the freedom to reprogram in order to make it your independent mind. As of now you could be using a mind which has been hijacked by some other people who have reprogrammed it in their favor.  Your mind could be remotely controlled by someone else. This could your spouse, your religious leader, your teacher, your parents and others. Have you ever tried to find out whether your mind has been hijacked or not. You are most likely a victim if you feel you are not 100% responsible for your destiny.

Do not keep blaming others for your failure

You are 100 % responsible for your success or failure in life depending on whether your mind is independent or not.  Waiting for others to make for you a path to the world of success is a dream you will never achieve in life.  You are responsible for your mission in life and a plan to implement it. Others can only support you to achieve your mission at your terms.


What you put in your mind becomes a reality

Whatever you put in your mind has a long lasting impact on your life. You have to choose what you want your mind to believe in either success or failure in life. I am sure you want your mind to believe in success.  Once you believe in success, it does not matter how many times you fail in life you will succeed.


Fear of failure sometimes invades our minds

Do not open your mind for fear to enter. It becomes extremely difficult to drive away fear once it gets permanent residence in your mind. You need to develop a positive mindset in order to fight and overcome fear.


Belief in success

Believe in success and success will become a reality for you. You have to change your mind positively in order for you to take failure as a stepping stone to success.  Take all challenges you encounter during your journey of life as opportunities for you to exploit. Success will come to you if you 100% determined to succeed in life.




Kasemiire Agnes Akiiki


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