We all become wiser as we are exposed to different life situations, as a result of different circumstances which require different approaches.  This necessitates us to come up with appropriate strategies to overcome the challenges. The more challenges you encounter the more wise you become.  Challenges teach life lessons which help us in succeeding in life.

Wisdom is the overall wealth you can have

There is nothing greater than having wisdom, you can achieve anything you want in life provided you develop a positive mindset to success.  Once you open up your mind to positive thinking you are on the road to success.  You are expected to responsibly to use the resources which have been entrusted  by the Creator. We have a duty to live the world better than we found it. Of all the creatures that God created it is you who has authority over the others.


Being true to yourself

Sometimes we don’t want to show that we don’t know certain things lest the world knows that we do not. Definitely you cannot be an expert in everything. Accepting that you don’t know certain things is being wise, and then you are able to learn what you don’t know.


Listening to others

Most wise people tend to listen to others views before they can make their own perception of the subject matter.  Fools tend to argue a lot without first listening. Quite often you may find the other person is more experienced than you and as such you don’t expose your ignorance by opening your mouth. Keep it closed and listen in order to become wiser


Wisdom is enhanced as you grow in age

As you grow older you become wiser because of the many life lessons as a result of failing in life.  Through experience you know what works and what does not work.



Kasemiire Agnes Akiiki



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