You cannot succeed in life until you have failed enough to learn from your own life lessons. I remember when I was learning to ride a bicycle I failed so many times until I learnt from my own mistakes. I became an expert bicycle rider after learning to put right my own failures. You will therefore not succeed in life until you have failed enough to become an expert.

Not focusing on the mission

Many people have vague missions in their life which require a bit of fine tuning before it is implemented. To succeed   in life you have to focus your energies on your mission. You have to walk your journey to the world of success as no one will walk it for you.


Fear of failure

Some   people are terrorized by fear of failure in life to the extent they cannot do anything. They fear to walk to any place on their own. They fear to speak and to start anything. They cannot trust themselves and anybody around them. When fear invades you become a prisoner of fear.   You have to chase away fear in order to succeed in life.


Giving too excuses             

Stop giving excuses of why you have not succeeded. All your excuses are lame as they do not hold water. I have had excuses to the extent some people cannot succeed in life because they were born in a poor family. Some say they do not have capital.  Some say they have little education and others say because they lack land and so on. There are so many people in the world that have succeeded with the sort of challenges you entertaining in your mind. Stop giving excuses and start your journey to success.


Wrong place

Some people cannot succeed because of the location they happen to be in. They could be all their life in a war situation. They could be in prison. You should always try your level best to move from the wrong place to the right place in order to succeed in life.


They are unable to cope with change

Some people prefer the status quo and they hate any changes. They fear to adventure in the world of unknown. They are comfortable with the current way of life even if they are living in poverty. They cannot cope with any changes in the way of life in their own.


You give up

Some people cannot succeed in life because they easily give up. They do not have the stamina and determination to succeed in life.  Anything can make them to give up including criticism from friends.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited


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