The laws of nature are in a way that you have to live one stage in life at a time.

You move from childhood to adulthood, each stage has its own challenges and benefits.

It matters how you move along the different stages in preparation for the final stage.

At each stage you must plan, it is important that you look ahead to the other stages, all the way to the end of life, so you will have a view of your entire life.

You will find that decisions you make early in life will have impacts on later life, and a full life view will be helpful.

You have got to plan accordingly, for a better life that you will enjoy to the maximum.

Once you have moved from one stage you can never revert, you have to only keep moving forward.

You therefore have to work hard when you still have the energy and time to make good use of the resources entrusted to you by the Creator, to be able to live the world better than we found it.


As human beings we also go through the chicken cycle, but what matters is how you plan your life





Kasemiire Agnes Akiiki

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